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what make some people dearest ,its not just the happiness that u feel when u meet them ; but its a pain u feel when u miss them.

Among the mature modern writers of Maithili literature Dr. (Mrs.) Shefalika Verma is
known as the “Mahadevi of Maithili”. She was born with a silver spoon in her mouth
on the 9th August’ 1943 at Bhagalpur in Bihar near the house of well known Bengali
writer Sharat Chand where her father was posted as Deputy Collector in Bihar Civil
Service. Her father Late Mr. Brajeshwar Mallik was himself a renowned writer of Hindi
and was later on rewarded by Raj Bhasa Department of Bihar Government. He gave
his first daughter a poetic name Shefalika. Among seven sisters and three brothers
Shefalika is the eldest one
At the age of Fifteen she was married to Mr. Lalan Kumar Verma, a student of Physics Honours
in science college, Patna, who later on chose Law as his profession and rose to
eminence first at Saharsa District Court and then at Patna High Court.

From her very childhood she used to contribute her poems and stories in Hindi
Magazines Chandamama, Balak etc. Tremendous change came in her life after
marriage as her husband Mr. Verma inspired her to write in mother tongue Maithili
(Language of Mahakavi Vidypati) also. Being bestowed with a poetic name she
composed poems, writes short stories, travelogue reminiscences, essays and
sketches etc. with equal proficiency. She writes with equal force in Hindi and
Maithili. She oftenly composes poems in English also. The natural and inherent
minutest feminine sentimentally and emotions in her literary creations sweep
the readers with them. In contemporary maithili literature she is one of the most
forceful writers. While she looks very soft in her short stories and poems, she emits
fire in her essays containing criticism on social evils.

Though she is a very kind hearted person and cannot tolerate the sad plight of
people specially the women, She is a great revolutionary, perhaps due to her birth
on the 9th August (Sahid Diwas). According to her, 'a Nation can not claim to be
beautiful only due to its rivers, mountains, jungles and greeneries, but there is the
need of educated and disciplined persons living in the state of mutual affection,
amity and equality to make it worth living.

She is endowed with wonderful gift of the gab. She gives fiery speeches on problems
of female-folk, specially, female education, dowry system and other social evil and
educational problems. She is so much against the evil of exploitation of women that
she has even revolted in her writings against the tolerance of Sita when she was
banished by Ram. She says “Sita ? Why did you agree to Agnipariksha, A proposal
kept by Ram? Being yourself the power, Accepted Exploitation, Banishment to
Forest. Why did you create Tight-lipped Tradition to make female-life miserable
and mournful ?”. She has also accused Janak for giving the birth of dowry system
by giving so much dowry with Sita. She questions Janak “Why did you throw female
into burning dowry-fire ?”. At times she is very mournful on the attitude of present
generation when she says “Parent nourish all their children, but those children
cannot maintain their parent and keep with them”.

In 1974, she was acclaimed as the Best Maithili Prose Writer and was awarded with
Mahamahopadhyay Dr. Umesh Mishra Memorial Gold Medal by Maithili Academy,
Allahabad, which she received from the hands of Dr. Babu Ram Saxena, Former Vice-
Chancellor of Allahabad University. She was also honoured with the title of ‘KAVYA
VINODINI’. While reading her collection of reminiscences ‘Smriti Rekha’ tears rolled
down the chicks of famous Maithili Writer Pandit Hari Mohan Jha on the pathos and
emotional feelings contained in the book. Her other books ‘Vipralabdha’ (collection
of poems), ‘Ekta-Akash’ (short stories collection), ‘Yayawari’ (travelogue), ‘Bhawanjali’
(collection of devotional prose songs) and ‘Kist-Kist Jeevan’ (autobiography) have
already been published. Though in prose ‘Yayawari’ has been written in a unique
poetic style, it is a combination of travelogue and her Biography in parts depicting
the Cultural and Social Systems prevailing in different parts of India, a unity in
diversity. Her novel ‘NAGFANS’ reveals the problems of women in society. It is
written in the atmosphere of Mithilanchal & England. ‘Aarthyug’ is a collection of
short stories which depicts the money is the main cause of social evils. Kist-Kist
Jeevan, an autobiography, throws light on writer, how she, being a women, suffered
immensely due to the social evils and backwardness of the society.

She started writing in Maithili since 1961 through Maithili journals namely, Mithila
Mihir, Sona Mati, Vaidehi, Aakhar, Agnipath, Vasat, Kosi–Kusum etc. Having received
Ph.D. Degree in Hindi on her thesis ‘Kamayani Aur Urvashi Me Nari Chitran’ she is
Reader and Head of the Department of Hindi in S.N.S.R.K.S. college , at Saharsa
in Bihar. She is recently retired from the P.G. Hindi Department of A.N. College,
Patna. She has also published her book ‘Thhare Hue Pal’ (collection of Hindi poems).
Her several essays and poems have been published in important Hindi Magazines
namely, Kadambini, Sarika, Saptahik Hindustan, Rastrabhasha Sandesh etc. Her poems in
English have been published in different magazines of Madras (Chennai) and Orissa.

Her Maithili poems have been translated into English in Penguin Series, Oriya, Gujrati,
Nepali, Hindi and other Indian languages.

She was the Joint Editor of Hindi child magazine ‘Chamakte-Sitare’ and Maithili
journal ‘Tatka’ & at present she is also in the Editorial Board of so many magazines.

She was a Member of the Advisory Board of Mathili of Sahitya Akademi, Delhi. She is
also a Trustee of Bhola Lal Das Memorial Foundation, Allahabad, which is a trust created
for promoting literature and literary activities in the country.

She was the Municipal Commissioner of Saharsa Municipality for ten years continuously
since its inception. She was the Member of Block Development Committee, Nauhatta,
Saharsa. She was also the General Secretary of Saharsa District International Womens
Committee. She was also Member of several Committees, namely, District Adult
Education Committee, Red Cross Society, Peace Committee, Child Welfare Committee etc.
When HH The Maharaja College for Women, Thiruvananthpuram was celebrating
his CENTENARY CELEBRATINS, 1977 under the able guidance of Chief Patron Shri E.K.
Nayanar, Chief Minister, Kerala asking for her articles, wrote about her, “it would be

a great boon to us and to all the women in this part of the Country to become aware of
writers like you who have contributed so much to the cultural wealth of our Country”.

Dr. Mrs. Shefalika Verma is a combination of diverse qualities and is an important
writer in contemporary Maithili literature since 1961. Hindi writer and critic Dr. Ram
Kumar Verma of Allahabad after reading her book Vipralabdha in 1978 has been
written, “The Literary insight achieved by her in such a young age is an indicator of her

future. The emotions depicted in her collection of poems ‘Vipralabdha’ is to be imitated by
the poets of young generation”. Similarly Maithili writer and critic Mrs. Nirja Renu has
compared her writings with those of Jane Austen. According to critics of Maithili
literature she is the single poet of Chhayabad in Maithili. A historian of Maithili
literature Dr. Dinesh Jha in his book “Maithili Sahityak Aalochnatmak Itihas” has called
her as ‘Mahadevi of Maithili’. According to Mahavaki Arasi Prasad Singh “the burden of
family makes the life of a female like a desert, but it is simply surprising as to how
Shefalika creates such sentimental and emotional literature while shouldering such heavy
burden of a big family”. Her article on Maithili Literature was also published in “2001
Encyclopedia : Volume–2” by Indmark Publishing Banglore. She was awarded
with “Mahakavi Yatri Samman” of 2004 for her outstanding contributions in the field
of Maithili literature. Her name was also recommended for “Women of The Year,
2004” by the Biographical Institute, North California. She has been honoured with
the title of ‘Mithila Vibhuti’ in 2005. She also presided three days National Seminar
on “Upanyasak Vikas”, organized by Sahitya Akademi, Delhi from 23/03/2007 to 25/
03/2007 in Jamshedpur. She received “Dr. Murlidhar Srivastava Shekhar Samman,
2007” for outstanding contribution in Hindi Literature by Sri Nitish Kumar, Chief
Minister, Bihar. Her Poem “My Village” has been translated in English by R.K. Zide of

Chicago University in Penguine Series and included in the syllabus of Board Exam. of
United Kingdom (UK). At present, she is the Member of Governing Body, Maithili-
Bhojpuri Akademi, Delhi (NCR)

.Recently she has attended a function as a CHIEF GUEST in LONDON of MAITHIL SAMAJ .UK.



1-Vipralabdha-----kavita sangrah
2-Smriti Rekha----sansmaran sangrah
3-Ek Ta Akash----katha sangrah
4-Yayawari---------yatra sansmaran
5-Bhawanjali------gadya geet
6-Aarth Yug-------katha sangrah
7-Nagfans---------novel ...
8-Madhugandhi Basat---kavita sangrah
9-Thhare Hue Pal------Hindi kavita sangrah
10-Kist Kist Jeewan---Aatmkatha

11-Aakhar Aakahr prit -----Patratmk aatmkatha....( dharawahik in Videha on net..

Translation Work

12- Phanishwar Nath Renu


1. Rajanigandha
2. So, I hope ( English poems )
3 a maithili novei

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