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Right cannot be enjoyed without knowledge of their existence. Justice cannot be obtained without awarness of the remedies available to correct injustice. Human rights are increasingly vulnerable. Our society is scared by an increasing number of Humun Rights violations.
It is an old saying that the hands of a women are behind every man's success. Even our religious and Scared book Durga-Saptashati  has recognized that every women possesses Power, Energy & Respect like Goddess Durga  and she is a part and parcel of the Goddess.
The concept of Ardh-Narishwar and it's worship are indicative of the basic fact that man and woman play equal parts in creation 'या देवी सर्व भूतेशु मात्रीरुपें संस्थिता ,' या देवी सर्व भूतेशु श्रध्हा रुपें संस्थिता'' या देवी सर्व भूतेशु शक्ति रुपें संस्थिता" etc. Mantras support the said concept. The aim of the humanity should be to give a practical shape to the concept and make the same a part  of our thought  and conduct . Then alone the development of Woman Folk and entire Nation is possible.
In conformity with the aforesaid thought Article-7 of the 1993 United Nations Convention on the elimination of all forms of discrimination against women calls upon all Government to ensure women's full participation in the political and public life of their countries, but our experience is that women are subjected to various types of discrimination including torture and harassment because of their civil, political, social, cultural or economic activities.
In principle Human Rights of Women are an integral part of Univerasal Declaration of Human Rights. The full and equal participation of women in Political, Civil, Economic, Social and Cultural life at the National, Regional and International level are the basic objectives of the International Community. Eradication of all forms of discrimination on grounds of sex is one of the main objectives, but discrimination and violence experienced are reported from every nook and corner of the world. Journalists in Morocco, Lawyers in the Phillipines, Judges in Columbia, Political Reforms in Burma, Opposition Leaders in Mozambique, Environmentalists in Kenya, Feminists in Peru, Academics in China have suffered the pangs of misries because of their participation in the political and public life of their countries.
Recently, efforts have been made worldwide to determine the condition of women. It has been found that majority of world's poor are women and the number of women living in rural poverty has increased by 50% since 1955. The number of illiterate women rose to 597 million in 1985 from 543 million in 1970. This shows that majority of world's illiterate are women. The statistics also showed that women earned 30% to 40% lesser than for doing equal work in violation of the human right of equal pay for equal work. They work for 13 hours a week more than men and in Asia and Africa they are mostly unpaid. They hold between 10% to 20% managerial and administrative jobs only. They make up less than 5% of the World's Heads of States.
It is thus evident that the discrimination against women is all pervasive throughout the world, though Equality of Rights for women is the basic feature of the United States.  
 In our Country the situation is more alarming. The marriage which is the basic need of human society for procreation has degenerated due to the virus of dowry system. Marriage can be performed by the equal participation of men & women, but dowry system has become so rampant that only women are victimized. We all know that marriage is a social system for systematic existence of our society, but it is not known why only women should be victimized, tortured, burnt or killed. Hardly any case has been reported in which any man has suffered due to the evils of dowry. Is not it a vital and fatal discrimination?
Women do jobs mostly for the financial support of their family, but when any trouble arises with women, men very often harass them instead of extending help. When the joint family breaks it is only the Women, who are made responsible for it. When a person dies in rural area the responsibility for the said death is thrown on women with the allegation of practising witchcraft and they are severely tortured. 
There are countless instances of discrimination of severe consequences. Will the society ever bring women on equal footing with men? 
                                                              DR. SHEFALIKA VERMA

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