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Shefalika Verma has written two outstanding book in Maithili ,one a book of poems titled BHAWANJALI and the other a book of short stories titled YAYAWARI . . Her Maithili writings have been translated into many languages including Hindi ,English ,Oriya, Gujrati and others  She is frequently invited to the India Poetry Recital Festivals as her fans and friends are important people. I do not have to give more introduction of her as her achievements speak for themselves .

Shefalika , the poet ,enjoying with her lover , Who else could  he be except her husband ?

I will translate for the readers some of her poems who show her affection for life and the agony of bereavement from her sweetheart.

In my free translation of the poems, I have taken the liberty of adding extra lines of my own, which highlight the real emotions.

Her poems take leaps in all directions and focus on nature, from flowers to lakes and mountains, from the sun to the moon to the stars, and finally she reaches humanity - she embraces them all.

Let us follow her dreams now...

(Poem No. 11)

"The flower "Rajnigandha" is crying,
Although blessed
with a garland of stars,
"Singarhar" is shaking with pain,
The clouds are showering rain...
... from the mouth of the sky.
You came silently
without exposing your body
Now you have become my life.
You are decorating the smile on my lips for eternity."

(Poem No. 14)

"You are searching yourself in my eyes
If you do not see yourself you are lost.
But I have decorated you in my heart."

Then she goes into a different world...

(Poem No.20)

"You make me dance as you wish,
I live my life as you want,
Then why are you measuring the
guilt of each of us?
Oh God, you are not free of guilt!"

(Poem No. 26)

"When my heart becomes desert
You shower rain on it.
And i receive a new life.
You have given me everything:
Truth and falsehood,
Sin and godliness,
Respect and people's hatred."

She floats in the heavens now...

(Poem No. 41)

"How will my song reach you?
The fragrance of my breath flies
around the world to reach you.
The tears of my bereaved eyes
flow drop by drop.
You left me, the moon left...
The music vanished from the moonlight.
The beauty of the dawn evaporated from my life,
And the season of songs vanished for me.
I had hoped forever."

And the world changed.

(Poem No. 44)

"Someone came and sang in my ears..
"Spring has arrived."
I got excited.
My body started jumping with the sweet music of the sitar,
Originating from my heart.
I see in the blue sky the smile of the stars.
And I keep deluding myself that life is spring.
How can it possibly be without you?"

She found her soul.

(Poem No. 49)

" I have travelled the world...
Visited all the religious places, dipped in the holy rivers,
And found that in the small space of my heart,
All the elegance of the world exists."

The book "Yayavari" is a series of short stories. It describes the holy places she has visited with her husband. It is full of descriptions of nature, her visions and the enjoyment of the life, of an itinerant traveller. The company of her husband gives her pleasure and fills her mind with a thousand thoughts.

                         Baidya Nath Varma
Professor  Emeritus of Sociology
The City University of New York
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